“Be cause in the matter”

No Excuses. Take accountability and Take role.

We find ourselves full accountability for our personal and professional issues. We are proactively oriented toward finding root cause and solutions.


Commit end results and keep progress updated

We commit all content we say and all things we do; The most distinguishing point of our Integrity is Highest Commitment for Making things happen and Keeping things updated professionally.

Desire for Innovation

Coninuous Improvement. Ordinary things in Extraordinary ways. High Performance Culture.

We are passionate and proactive to create new values added to our customers, bring to them great leisure & hospitality experience. We maximize our potential in the most creative & innovative ways. We are continuously improve the small things and do ordinary thing in extraordinary way with highest performance.

People Capability Development.

Respect. Continuously Developing People

We respect people and be open- minded to their diversity. We set first priority in people development of peers and team. We believe in people good intention, create opportunities for dedication and motivate them for development possibility. We are accountable to share and develop our peers and team for shared vision.

Passion for Customer Serivce

Engaging Hearts and Minds. Building & Lasting Trust. Going the extra mile for customers’ experiences

We desire to bring to our customers feelings like being in their home kitchen with the best emotional experiences. We go the extra mile for our customers & society.